Sunday, November 10, 2013

Iranian Deputy Industry Minister 'Shot Dead'

Unidentified assailants shot dead Iran's deputy minister for industry and mining, Safdar Rahmat Abadi, in Tehran on Sunday night, media reports said.

The official IRNA news agency reported that Rahmat Abadi, the deputy minister of industry, mines and commerce in charge of parliamentary affairs, had been fatally shot in the head and chest as he was driving in the east of the capital.

These things are usually part of bigger plots. Stay tuned.


  1. Head and chest? Professional hit, probably Mossad. From inside the car, no less. A bit sloppy to leave the shells, and Mossad has been known to be sloppy sometimes.

    1. The prowess of Israeli special forces and intelligence services are dramatically overestimated by the west mostly bc of Hollywood. The Israelis have nothing on the Russians or Americans when it comes to intelligence services, and have nothing on the British or Americans when it comes to special forces. Even that Krav Maga nonsense is made up just to fool gullible Americans.

      Any random Hollywood movie or tv should would leave an entirely different impression though.

    2. I know, which is why I said they're sloppy somtimes. A bunch of them were caught in UAE, I think, a year or so ago. But their shenanigans in Iran are well known. They're been offing people important to the nuclear program there for a while now. If you search the EPJ archives, you'll find a lot of articles about this.