Thursday, November 7, 2013

Justin Amash: Keep Government Trained Killers Paid Above All Else

Amash has "explained" his September 29 vote, during the shutdown:
[Vote from September 29, 2013]
I voted yes on H R 3210, Pay Our Military Act. The bill ensures active-duty service members, and the civilian personnel and contractors who support them, will continue to receive pay and allowances in the event of a partial government shutdown. It passed 423-0.


  1. 423-0.
    Fraudsters all.

  2. Just because it is distributed to a different institution, doesn't mean that the tax money is any less stolen.

    Just because the hired gun, that receives the money from the mob boss' hired thugs, is displayed as honorable, doesn't mean money is any less stolen. (ie. IRS to Pentagon to soldiers)

    Just because it goes to one institution that is upheld by the country as heroic doesn't mean it's any more earned by the recipient than a recipient of the institution that people despise. It still has the same source - labor from somebody else. (ie. warfare vs welfare)

    Magic doesn't exist. Labored profits that are stolen from thugs doesn't become honorable or donated to a good cause just because it goes to an institution that everybody is told (brainwashed) to believe is for the "common good" or "a global force for good". It is still economically misplaced, miss allocated, stolen money. What does happen, if you believe Disney magic, money goes from labored and a valued commodity for continued production and calculated risks to being wasted dirty blood money.

    No, no, better yet, it's welfare and dependence on government. Why is it that we put down people who are stuck in a bad economic situation (not an endorsement for welfare), but uphold people who obey the state even unto death? Is it easier for us to do so; therefore, what does that say about us fighting against state tyranny if we're not willing to do the hard thing?

    - JS

  3. Though, I do wonder what all entails the contractors. I, also, wonder if Syria - CIA distributing goodies - has anything to do with it.

  4. Amash reads Rothbard !??!?!?


    Notice in this profile the partisan leftists at mother jones praise amash a great deal and go out of their way to call Ron Paul racist and crazy. That shows who they were truly afraid of, and are currently afraid of. Snowden wasn't an Obama supporter like everyone at mother jones, and Julian assange didn't list some back leftist site like mother jones as the last hope of Americans, but Ron Paul and his followers.

    They know Justin amash will vote for funding the govt and appropriations bills every year that Paul courageously voted against. Amash is someone they don't have to worry about. He isn't even for abolishing the NSA like Ron Paul is, but for reform just like the leftists and neo cons