Monday, November 18, 2013

Must Be a Bitcoin Buyer

A 31-year-old woman is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after she jumped a turnstile in Chicago and boarded an ‘L’ train — naked. WBBM’s Bob Roberts reports.

She boarded at Granville, told riders she was the goddess of the train, said she was heading to the motorman’s compartment to run it and told everyone else to get off.

Instead, they called 911.


  1. Me, I'd have asked her if she needed a co-pilot.

  2. Hahah, do you realize how much of a fool you sound like Robert? At what point do you recognize you have egg on your face? Oh that's right, there is no point you can ever recognize you were wrong because your understanding of bitcoin is essentially religious. You're a typical gold bug who says things like gold has "intrinsic" value, like a total ignoramus of subjective value theory. And what I think is happening is a sad form of penis envy. The price of gold is in the shitter and all the people you told to buy it have lost big for over 2 years. While all the people you mocked for buying bitcoin are getting rich.

    As the kids these days say: LOL@you

  3. I'm with Robert. This whole BC tulip mania is quite the convenient distraction as an impending comex default builds to a crescendo. Watch and learn.

  4. Morons that dont understand Bitcoin shouldnt talk about Bitcoin.

  5. Robert I have to say you are wrong yet again. Even the US government sees value in the Bitcoin. But yet you are so stuck on your position that you wont open your eyes and see the future.

    1. "sees the value"? you mean sees the "threat". buddy, i sympathize with everyone trying to get out from under the boot of the central bankers but you are messing with a gang that is infinitely more ruthless than the mafia. when it comes to the monetary system the bankers will stick you in a friggin cage, or worse if you don't play by their terms.

      I dissagree with rw about its status as money, but he's clearly correct about the state dropping the regulatory hammer on businesses that accept bitcoin. Its all over but the cryin' ....

  6. lol @ RW trolling Bitcoiners

  7. I bet she has a brainwallet!

  8. Called 911?Tackle her and make citizens arrest? Yeehah!