Sunday, November 10, 2013

MUST VIEW The Brilliant Thomas Sowell Smacks Down The President


  1. A minute and a half in and while Sowell implicitly gets it, he blows the rhetorical opportunity to go for the throat. The Big Lie of the day, the great Orwellian re-definition of our times is that equal opportunity means equal outcome; that equality before the law means the law says everybody has a positive right to (fill in the blank) which the government will give to you if you don't get it yourself whether its an education or a fulfilling personal relationship, as below.

    IOW it is the French Jacobin Revolution/Enlightenment interpretation of equality - which incidentally is the same thing behind "equal protection"/redefining the fundamental building block of human life, the family due to 1.7% of the population not being able to get "married".

    What it means is the dumbing down/lowest common denominator/love affair with mediocrity and death that socialism always entails as Mises pointed out and Vonnegut illustrated in Harrison Bergeron.

  2. He didn't back Ron Paul! I'm shocked. Did he back down or is he just not a supporter?