Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Opposing Bad Laws Like ObamaCare is Not Un-American

Richard Ebeling emails:

Dear Bob
I have a new opinion article on the "EpicTimes" news and opinion website on, "Opposing Bad Laws Like ObamaCare is Not Un-American."
I respond to Larry Summers' recent editorial arguing that to oppose ObamaCare now that has been passed by Congress undermines democracy and respect for government, and is similar to not supporting the troops during time of war.
I argue that continuing to oppose bad laws that undermine the principles of individual freedom and self-responsibility is neither a threat to representative government nor an "un-American" act, if political paternalism endangers a free society.


  1. Good grief. How can anyone make that argument without severe self delusion?

    If the argument is that you can't oppose something that is a law, then we shouldn't change any of the laws, ever! The laws that exist were put there by government. If you want to change any of them, it implicitly says you oppose the current state of affairs. And, we are told, that is un-American.

    So really, if I understand him right, those who wanted Obamacare to begin with were disrespectful of the previous Congress and undermined democracy and government!

    Hmm, maybe there IS something to that argument...

    1. What should be taken from this is that most of the people are under the delusion that they have power because they are allowed to vote, the reality is that (at least according to the ruling class) there are no legitimate means to change the system through the political process. I hope more people wake up to this fact.

  2. I guess the only choices we are to have are to submit and obey.

    I suspect it won't be long before those of us who oppose laws will be deemed subversives. Since the Patriot Act and NDAA has been passed, the Federal government has the power to indefinitely detain people the Federal government considers terrorist.

  3. Screw democracy and who in their right mind respects government? Larry Summers is a buffoon.

  4. Alternate title to OP
    Be A Good Little Nazi and Obey/Be Quiet