Thursday, November 7, 2013

Picture of the Day guru Kathleen Sebelius


  1. HAHAHA. Hats off to whoever handed her that.

  2. Very funny, but someone should hand her some Rothbard or Ron Paul!

  3. Robert Wenzel, this is your post of the year! ROTFLMAO!!

  4. Along with the surrounding blank stare ,
    that photo is classic.

  5. The bystanders aren't even amused... just sad.

  6. Please understand what you are looking at.

    Ms. Kathleen is the goat. She is being slaughtered on the alter of public opinion. A sacrifice to the god of big government and central plannin.

    She will be well compensated for her efforts when this goat rope is over, but for now she is the believer that is being thrown to the lions to keep the crowd amused.

    She may in fact, be a decent person, but the Obama administration needs a scapegoat. So TAG, you're it.

    The whole thing smells of sewage, rot, decompoosition and death. But in this administration what doesn't???