Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rand Paul Headed to Detroit to End Taxes?

I don't think anyone has asked him, but Rand Paul is headed to Detroit to solve the cities problems.

The Detroit News reports:
U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, who previously said Detroit would receive a taxpayer bailout “over my dead body,” will travel to the Motor City next month to offer his fix for the struggling city.
Paul, the Kentucky Republican and potential 2016 presidential candidate, will deliver his plan at the Detroit Economic Club on Dec. 6.
This should be interesting. Let's see how far he veers from libertarian principles.

TDN says:
 In an interview in September with The Detroit News, Paul highlighted legislation he plans to introduce to help Detroit by forgiving federal personal income and corporate taxes as well as potentially payroll taxes in distressed cities to spur more hiring and attract new jobs. He said he intended to package the legislation as an effort with states that also forgive their taxes in targeted areas with high unemployment and poverty.
If he sticks to this plan, I will be very impressed.


  1. Giving a region a tax holiday that only applies to that region is a bailout. Nothing libertarian about his plan. It's a wealth transfer from the regions that don't have the tax holiday to the region that has the tax holiday. In other words, a tax expenditure.

    1. No Jerry, people keeping their own money is not a bailout. The money doesn't belong to DC. Now the deal is to expand that our to the rest of the country.

    2. Jerry in his typical troll mode... *any* tax break is taikg less out of productive sector of economy and is, therefore, good. Only a complete moron could consider taking less an "expenditure" for the thief.

  2. 2/3 of the population left because of the most horrendous crime spree. I see no mention of opting out of the drug war, the school system or the police protection system. The inhabitants believe they own the city and are entitled to whatever assets exist within its boundaries. Why build a building tax free only to have it gutted by thieves?

  3. No federal personal or corporate taxes, and no payroll tax, combined with comparatively cheap real estate, might be a good inducement to relocate. I wonder if there's a supply of decent entry level coders in the area.

    Good sports teams, great orchestra. Could be a good move if for once Rand actually delivered what he said, and if bankruptcy eliminates handouts to the FSA. And what a great model it would be for the rest of the country--abolish the taxes, end the subsidies, and watch things flourish.