Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rand Paul Meets Privately with Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes

Via Burns & Haberman at Politico:
Sen. Rand Paul, who’s made no secret of exploring a 2016 presidential run, recently met privately with News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch and Fox News head Roger Ailes, POLITICO has learned.

The meetings — Paul sat down with each man separately — came as Kentucky Republican and tea party favorite has been working to smooth concerns among Republicans and influencers about whether he shares his famous libertarian father’s views on issues like national security.
Wow, how neo-con mainstream is Rand going to get?


  1. Why not just take their money and run? Who cares, what are they gonna do - sue him? Meet with the big boys and tell them what they want to hear. Let them get you elected and then say "so long suckers!"

    I'd like to see someone trick the tricksters - ala Ragnar Danneskjöld.

  2. The mainstream is the voting majority that elects everyone. If you are involved in politics and you want to win, you must appeal to the voting majority. Otherwise, you would just as well buy lottery tickets with your election money.

  3. "Wow, how neo-con mainstream is Rand going to get?"

    Plenty more. He is interested in becoming president, not in making big changes.
    And anyone interested in becoming president is interested in being re-elected. Which means making waves is not an option.

    But I'm sure there'll be some "anonymous" resuscitating the 'Trojan horse' theory again.