Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ron Paul Does Some Political Money Raising

The Iowa Republican reports:
On Friday, December 13th, Ron Paul is organizing a Houston fundraiser to raise money for the Republican Party of Iowa.  The Eventbrite invitation promises that the event will be the “Christmas Party of the Century.
For a donation of $250, you can attend Ron Paul’s Iowa GOP Christmas Party at the Hilton Post Oak hotel in Houston, Texas.  For an additional $1,000, you can attend a Presidential Suite Private Briefing and Reception with Ron Paul before the Christmas Party.  Both donations entitle you to have your picture taken with Ron Paul.
I really wish Dr. Paul would stay out of the political money raising game. I'd rather see him raise money for this RPI.


  1. I'm sorry to say but Ron Paul is still a politician. Raising money for people who will steal our money is immoral.

  2. Bob,

    I concur regarding focusing support, fund raising, to the RPI. Understood and agree the difference between Ron Paul and Ron Paul Inc. But what is the addiction to Iowa and the motivating force to go full circle? Are the campaign cronies still calling the shots? The question is based on your many posts, the most recent being "Former Ron Paul Campaign 2012 Aide Linked to Secret Consulting Gig with Mitch McConnell". My guess is when the SHTF the fan will be located in Iowa.

    It appears we have three entities. Ron Paul teaching and spreading the message of liberty. The Ron Paul Inc. folks with no interest in liberty but focusing on monetary gains and power. Finally, those elements and organizations that are still active connecting with folks through email, snail mail and phone campaigns, some times 4 ~ 5 times per day, you know who they are, for the sole purpose of raising funds.

    Your thoughts appreciated to add some clarity to the ball of confusion.

  3. Support IDEAS, not people.

    If the Iowa GOP expresses the right ideas, donate if you want.
    If it doesn't, then please don't donate, no matter what Ron Paul thinks.

  4. A Ron Paul supporter is Chair of the Iowa Republican Central Committee, and he is being criticized for not raising enough money for the Party. So I assume Ron Paul is raising funds for the Iowa Republican Party to help his loyal supporter fend off criticism.