Monday, November 11, 2013

Seattle College Instructor Wants to Nationalize Amazon

More evidence the masses are really clueless and have no understanding of fundamental economics.

Kshama Sawant is an instructor at Seattle Central Community College. Reports The Stranger:
if you really push her on the subject, she'll make a cogent economic argument for, say, collectivizing Amazon
She also is in favor of a $15 minimum wage. She ran for Seattle city council on the Socialist Alternative Party in the most recent election and is neck and neck against her opponent as the write-in votes are counted. Of the votes already counted, she holds 49.5% of them.

What are the issues that are propelling her success?  The Stranger reports:
She shunned standard Seattle issues and lasered in on three platform proposals: a millionaire’s tax, a $15 an hour citywide minimum wage and rent control.


  1. Give the people what they want!!! Good, hard and deep!!!

  2. What? No community kitchens and chow halls? This is an outrage. It's time to be bold. Down with progressive socialism.

  3. Uh, she sounds more like a populist than a socialist, although I can't blame her since even our poorly educated populace, as do most socialists, know that full on socialism is a road to pure poverty and slavery. I guess her idea of socialism is what in Europe is referred to as champagne socialism. Essentially, socialism that feeds off of its capitalist host while the party leaders drink champagne, live in fine housing and consume lavish amounts of other capitalist products. All I can say is good luck in making her ideas work at a local level. One thing people better wise up to about collectivists in general, is that they don't value you as an individual but as part of a collective. So if that means trampling the economic rights of a few 1000 individuals for the benefit of the vast majority, they're typically ok with that. Just make sure you're not one of the ones getting trampled. Now pass the popcorn please!

  4. Socialist Alternative Party... SAP - got a laugh out of that

  5. The economic ignorance of both the author and the comments is appalling.

  6. These people are mentally ill. How many fucking times does socialism have to fail before these dimwits give up on it?

  7. You really don't have to push me to make a cogent economic argument for privatizing Seattle Central Community College and its ilk. And given a few years of Socialist rule, an argument won't even be needed.

  8. Kshama, according to Wikipedia, is a Sanskrit word having to do with "be patient and tolerant towards others"

    I'd launch an ad hominem attack based on that, but I'll refrain. Just found it curious that someone whose name means patience and tolerance does not understand the long-term consequences of the proposed actions and is certainly very intolerant of the success of other people.

  9. They're calling it "redistribution of wealth" here in Seattle - no matter what you call it it's socialism. The idiots have no idea what they voted for. She is the exact opposite of everything I've been taught my entire life. If I didn't make enough money, I worked a second job. I've worked hard for everything I have. I never once thought it was up to everyone else to support me.

    She's a fake. She said she's giving up all or most of her salary while on city council. That doesn't matter, her husband is a Microsoft engineer and makes a six figure salary - so she will be living a comfortable life without it.

    I hoping a major newspaper from somewhere - anywhere in the country will come here and interview her and post her crazy rants. Ask her the tough questions, because that is not happening with our local papers and tv news.