Monday, November 11, 2013

The Next Revolution in 3-D Printing: Disposable Panties

File under: 3-D printing is going to change everything. Bloomberg reports:
A somewhat embarrassing feminine-hygiene issue has led Tamar Giloh to develop a new technology that could revolutionize the textile industry.

Looking for a way to mitigate problems associated with heavy menstruation, she and a team that included her husband started working on an automated system that can produce fabrics using three-dimensional printing. More than a decade later, the Israeli couple now has functional hardware that can spray polymers and fibers in a controlled manner to produce disposable panties, sportswear, bandages and other products.[...]

Next year, Tamicare's 3-D printed feminine-hygiene product — absorbent padded underwear that can be thrown away after a single use — is expected to hit shelves in a leading pharmacy chain in Israel. Tamicare said it’s also in talks with a large U.S. company that may sell the women’s undergarments in America. The startup’s compression bandages, which will be sold by a British company, are also set to hit the market soon.


  1. The ladies are often accused of spraying their jeans on, now they actually can. Love it!

  2. Lame! I would rather just print my own cloths in the future instead of going and buying them.