Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Pope as Interventionist Economist

Pat Buchanan writes:
[Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times ]quotes the Holy Father as listing among the “most serious of the evils” today “youth unemployment.”[...]

But what is the special expertise of the church in coping with teenage unemployment? Has the Curia done good scholarly work on the economic impact of the minimum wage?

The cultural revolution preached by Marxist Antonio Gramsci is continuing its “long march” through the institutions of the West and succeeding where the violent revolutions of Lenin and Mao failed.

It is effecting a transvaluation of all values. And it is not interested in a truce with the church of Pope Francis, but a triumph over that church which it reviles as the great enemy in its struggle.
There may be more devil than God in this pope---a very confused man, at best, read Buchanan's full take here.

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  1. Maybe we'll get lucky and Frank will pre-decease Benedict, and the little German bookworm can be a man and finish his reign. Then Francis can go down in History as an anti-pope.