Sunday, November 24, 2013

Today on The Robert Wenzel Show: Laurence Kotlikoff on The U.S.'s Unfunded Liabilities Disaster

This Week's Guest
Laurence Kotlikoff
Professor of Economics at Boston University, discussing the U.S. government's unfunded liabilities


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  1. He said he is a 'big fan of this president' ?! about 'book-smart' vs 'street-smart' !

  2. Really Chris? This PhD has spent a lifetime looking at our unfunded liabilities and he gives the guy who doubled the debt, proposed the biggest welfare program EVER a pass. " I voted for him twice" because he means to do well? His economics may be thorough; He may know his math; but somehow it just doesn't add up to a sound government philosophy.

  3. Despite seeing up close how the state operates, he still has this "gee, if we just get the right people in there..." mentality. Has he read Rothbard? Or Von Mises?

  4. Bad Debt = Deflation. Unfunded Liabilities = Deflation. Tell me how we get run away inflation. Increasing the monetary base does not and will not cause inflation. If this were the cause the process would have already begun. We have had five years of this and we have gone nowhere....This is one of the worse interviews and the most nonsense I have heard in a long time

  5. Really great interview RW. At the end there Kotlikoff went off on this notion that he could "fix" healthcare and that his version of central planning would "fix" things; but it seems an odd cognitive dissonance in his declaration that the country is already bankrupt and it's just a matter of time before the bond traders wake up.

    Just for kicks, I went to his "Purple Health Plan" site to see his grand plan:

    He claims it can save $130 trillion.

    We all know that even if hell froze over and he was able to somehow get everyone in Congress to agree, it still wouldn't solve the immediate problems.

    It's weird that his own link show a figure of $211 trillion(as of 2011) in that years present dollars. I have a hard time believe it actually dropped in the last 2 years...but hey, the problem is still the same anyway despite the minor discrepancy and I don't see pols coming up with a rational plan to deal with it before it becomes a crisis.

    Again, great interview RW.

  6. The Professor seems to be a great accountant, but a typical economist, just like the ones he criticized for being political hacks... He thinks he can design a "health care system" that stays at 10% of GDP and gets everyone covered. I'm shocked you didn't call him on this Robert. (Although I'm kind of glad you didn't so I could see where he went with it.) How about a follow up on his system?