Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TSA at the Top of Their Game

CBS Chicago reports:

A Chicago man is outraged about airport security after a disturbing incident that occurred this week while he was trying to fly home.

Brad Gertz says he was trying to catch an American Airlines flight out of Philadelphia. But when he tried to check in, he was informed someone else had been given his boarding pass and took an earlier flight.

Gertz was about to fly American’s skies, when he was told he had already left.

“I showed him my ID and said, ‘I’m Brad Gertz, what’s going on?’” Gertz tells CBS 2′s Brad Edwards. “I can tell you, I lost all color in my face, I was nervous and furious. I would say at least five times, they’re telling me, I’m not me.”

They gave his boarding pass to someone else, he says.

That someone else got through security.

“God forbid this guy did something stupid. My name, my identity is attached,” Gertz says.

American Airlines says a man was mistakenly given Gertz’s ticket and made it past the TSA checkpoint but was stopped before boarding. A spokesperson explained in a statement:

“A boarding pass with Mr. Gertz’s name on it was inadvertently given to another passenger yesterday when they arrived at PHL to check in for their flight. One of our employees realized the error after it happened and gave the other passenger the correct boarding pass. Because of this mistake, it appeared that Mr. Gertz was already checked in for and set to take an earlier flight. Mr. Gertz’s itinerary was not updated to reflect the mistake until he arrived at the airport later that morning to check in for his originally scheduled flight.

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