Sunday, November 3, 2013

"You Were Right on Snowden and His Leaks"

James Jones emails:

You were right on Snowden and his leaks:


  1. If it was all a plot, they have payed a very heavy price for pretty meager gains. More and more people in Europe recognize the vassal state their countries are in vis a vis the US, more and more people are moving away from US based internet companies: Google and Yahoo will loose out. More and more in south America will break away from a US based network. Keep in mind that much of the NSA snooping depended on the trust or apathy of others and there will be much less of both.

    And here in the US, trust in government continues to plummet and not just among the liberty community.

    And the image hit the US took by going after Snowden and any country that might have helped him like a rabid dog...was that all part of the act?

    Of course, they will not let a crisis go to wast and out of the lemons, they will try to make some lemonade: as in legalizing what they have been doing all along. But why couldn't they have just surreptitiously added surveillance provisions to some other bill without the Snowden ruckus? They managed to pass the NDAA that way.

  2. So now it's Snowden's fault that democracy doesn't work?

  3. Since when does anyone think the Cato institute is anything but Republican bunch. Still the same agenda as the Democrats, just with an "R" stamped on it.

  4. The idea that Snowden was part of a plot is hogwash. They probably had more to gain by keeping the whole thing a secret since whatever credibility the U.S. had in the world as a nation of laws and rights, and as a trustworthy ally is now gone forever, but either way they hardly need someone like Snowden to push this through. Has the population really stood up to any increase of power? Even now, where is the outrage that the NSA is now legalizing the whole thing? The lack of outrage suggests they didn't have to worry about too much outrage to begin with.
    "Never let a good crisis go to waste," is a credo that doesn't need Snowden to be a sinister co-conspirator.