Monday, December 9, 2013

Anti-Reason (T)Reason

Walter Block emails:
Dear  Bob:

I don’t really mind that Reason takes anti libertarian positions. They are, after all, pretty damn good for a non libertarian periodical! Often, they do indeed take positions compatible with libertarianism. But, what really burns me up is that they make the claim they are libertarians. As such, they are only diluting libertarianism.

Can you add to this list:

anti Reason (T)Reason

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And on basic income:

I think that some redistribution can be justified on libertarian grounds (but I strongly disagree with Zwolinski):

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  1. To be a libertarian you must oppose laws which allow investors to incorporate and limit their personal liability. Incorporation is a public subsidy which distorts the market.

    You also have to oppose patents which are a govt granted monopoly. Let the market reward the person who makes use of the idea in the market.

    Anyone who does not oppose patents and limiting investor's personal liability is not a libertarian.

    Reason has a wonderful article on Gary North called "invitation to a Stoning." It's mandatory reading for everyone in the liberty movement.

  2. "I think that some redistribution can be justified"

    If by this he means government redistribution, then it obviously cannot be justified. I hope you clarify.