Monday, December 9, 2013

RPI Ron Paul Event: Field Trip or Taping Session?

Doesn't seem like many are interested in Ron Paul political activities. The Iowa Republican writes:

RPI Field Trip!  This Friday is the big fundraiser for RPI [Republican Party of Iowa] in Houston with Ron Paul.  According to theevent’s Facebook page, as of last night, 31 people are attending.  That’s a solid number, but assume that all of them pay the $250 entry fee (which never happens) and the event will only raise $7750.  Hey, that’s nothing to sneeze at, but then you have to consider that the party is picking up some of the expenses.  There’s the food, beverages, facility rental and so on.  One also wonders if the party is picking up the freight to fly [Iowa Republican officials] Spiker, Fischer, and Bierfeld.  If so, this is more of a liberty themed field trip than a fundraiser.
Maybe others are being kept away for fear that half those in attendance have already been flipped by the FBI and will be wearing wires.

As I have said before, the only RPI organization Ron Paul should be raising money for is this one.

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