Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bitcoin – The Potential Monsanto of Digital Currency?

Matthias Chang is out with a new commentary on Bitcoin, where he charges that Bitcoin is a bankster plot. He offers no facts to backup his theory and some of his analysis is way off base, but a provide this snippet simply for contemplation:
The introduction of Bitcoin is another admission that the financial powers are also considering the replacement of the FED as well as the central banks of the developed economies (i.e. ECB, BOE, BOJ etc.) sometime in the future and substitute the control by central banks with super-super computers networking the global economy controlled by a handful of techno-corporations and behind this front, the power of the 0.01 per cent financial elites. Let me assure you that this is no conspiracy theory.

The template may or may not follow Monsanto‘s control of the global food-chain via the control of seeds, the ―currency of the food-chain‖. It is sufficient to bear in mind that what is necessary is to control the technology that creates Bitcoin, the ―monetary seed‖ for the new financial system.

Bitcoin is the latest financial weapon of the global financial elites in the present intense currency war and will be used by the financial elites aligned with the Western Axis to compete against the gold–backed currencies of countries led by China and Russia! The Western Axis powers hope to triumph over the powers of the gold-backed currencies through the global internet matrix. But, I have my doubts.

The Strategy to Make Bitcoin the Global Currency

To replace the present fiat monetary system, the global financial elites have employed the following strategies:

 To demonise Gold and depress the true value of gold;

 To promote Bitcoin as the ultimate alternative currency by price manipulation;

I have serious doubts that the banksters plotted Bitcoin. I do, however, believe that Bitcoin can be turned by banksters and other elitists to their advantage.

This is the most illuminating observation in Chang's commentary:
[I]t is contended that by using this particular technology, transactions between two persons using Bitcoin would also be anonymous! This assumes that the inventor of the technology would not be able to access such transactions and discover the identity of the users. Founders of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Skype etc. are promoting Bitcoin. And these companies have all been used by the NSA to gather your personal details.


  1. Bitcoin IMO is not a bankster plot. However it is in their best interests to take advantage of it. To own or subvert it to their advantage. Bitcoin's key weaknesses make this doable. If bankers couldn't take advantage of bitcoin, they would not promote it.

  2. it baffles me why anyone would take a chance using shitcoins. here today, gone later today. I'll stick with the fiat currency EVERYONE uses = the dollar. I have my gold as a hedge against inflation. keep your worthless shitcoins.

  3. Hi Bob,

    Chang is right that it's a plot. And ultimately, it probably goes back to the banksters... I have researched the matter and I am fairly certain I know who/which group is behind it (Bitcoins). It's a Rubik cube. Solve it and you'll figure it out too.
    Hint to Gary North:
    It's not Japanese, with 100 percent certainty.

    By the way, I posted anonymously against it on your side.
    (I'm "fessing up, in the spirit of Christmas).

    Also, the Devayani story (Indian consulate officer's allegedly fraudulent visa for her maid).
    There's much more to the story.

    First, the salary (500/mth) went along with free accommodation, medical expenses and other things, which in New York would run to roughly what the officer claimed (4500).
    Anyway, who the devil gets 4500/mth for being a maid?

    Second, the visa dept of the US is insane to stipulate what people should pay their maids in order to get employment.

    Third, the woman was brought from India where she would NEVER have made this much, and was very happy to get the job, and made no complaint, until she was approached by LEFT WING NGO's and lawyers.

    Apparently, the maid absconded and tried to extort 10,000 bucks from her employer.

    Four.The maid is a Christian and there is a history of "rice" converts being enlisted by foreign agencies (read CIA) to infiltrate and embarrass foreign VIPs.

    Five. There is an ongoing covert psychological and cyberwar against India.

    Six. There needs to be a foreign group to play scape-goat for the banking cartel, to appease the masses.

    In a time of outsourcing jobs, any foreigner is a ripe target, especially one who's employing someone else at lower rates than American labor (Devyani's maid) or one who is behind the move of global business to India (Rajat Gupta).

    Such people make easy targets satisfying racial animosity and resentment, which is then diverted away from the Anglo-Jewish mafia actually behind the financial crisis.

    Get domestic US workers (who by world standards are not poor but well off) stirred up against well-placed brown people.

    Make sure you prosecute flimsy case with a brown prosecutor to forestall cries of racism. Old trick.

    And I haven't even got into the real story, yet...

    By the way, diplomats usually enjoy immunity so this will be seen as a severe blow to US-India relations - an intended blow.

    I think the US govt's apologies are just a way of playing good cop to Bharara's bad cop.

    Meanwhile, while the US tries to classify giving a minimally-skilled person posh living quarters in NY, food, medicine AND a small wage, as a black crime deserving a perp walk when the target is a very senior diplomatic officer from India, REAL sex-trafficking, drug cartels, and drug mafia outfits get off with a slap on the wrist.....or effusions of praise from libertarians.

    Think, Marc Rich.

    A more recent case in point - pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was flying in underage girls from all over the world for sex, passing them around to top politicians, and was filming the sex for blackmail purposes. He harassed/threatened officers who tried to prosecute him. Epstein, most likely a Mossad operative, got off with a slap on the wrist for actual sex-trafficking.

    Devyani is facing 10 years for what amounts to incorrect paper work to get a very poor woman probably the best gig of her life.

    Voluntarily contracted domestic labor at whatever price is NOT human trafficking if there is no enslavement or abuse.

    If Bharara needs work, why doesn't he go after Warren Andersen, of Bhopal infamy, who is still being protected by the US govt, which claims to be so sensitive to the rights of poor Indians.