Saturday, December 14, 2013

Are Opinion Molders Setting The Stage For A Great Robbery?

By, Chris Rossini

Well, we are now enough years into the non-recovery "recovery" that I think the manipulators are starting to worry. The stock market it soaring, unemployment has supposedly come down to 7%, and the government's inflation calculation is also supposedly in check.

And yet...the reality on the street contradicts the jubilation. In fact, if I may use some BusinessInsider lingo here: "EVERYBODY KNOWS" that there has been no recovery. The government and Fed have failed to bring back the "good times". Their phony numbers may say otherwise, but the truth of the matter is, things are still really bad.

So let's hop into the statists' shoes. What to do? What's the next step?

You can only BS people for so long, until (A) they stop listening, and (B) they start to get restless. The fact that CNBC's viewership has dropped to 1993 levels, despite record highs in the stock market, shows that (A) is already here. People aren't paying attention to the megaphones.

So, unless something else is done, it's only a matter of time until (B) sets in. The last thing that the elites could possibly want is a restless homeland. After all, these are people who are used to runing a worldwide military empire, virtually unchecked. Nothing in the world is allowed to happen without their nod of approval. A quiet and placid homeland is very important in pulling something like that off.

If (B) sets in, then a prime target for "cuts" could become the empire. In fact, a recent Pew poll shows that for the first time ever, a majority of Americans are in favor of the U.S. 'Minding Its Own Business Internationally'. Meanwhile, just this week a $600 Billion "defense" budget was passed.

The growth of non-interventionist ideas must be devastating to the egos that run the empire, which I would bet are bigger than what any of us regular people can imagine.

So, with my statist shoes on, I would say that the #1 priority is to keep the military empire going. Implement any policy necessary to make sure that the people at home don't become restless, even if it means throwing a pacifier into every American's mouth. There's surely a crony corporation that will jump at a federal contract to manufacture 300 million pacifiers.

The job for the opinion molders is to draw up the plans, and the "debate" is starting to take shape. The chosen target?


Now, inequality is a natural human condition. We are not carbon copy robots churned out by some factory. We are each unique individuals with different physical and mental attributes, different skills, wants, values, etc. Nothing that government does can possibly change this. We are unequal, and always will be.

The goal of a society of liberty is to embrace this un-equalness (and uniqueness) and to deal with one another in a peaceful manner. No aggression against your fellow man, whether he be shorter than you, dumber than you, or have less money than you.

Government operates in the opposite way. Its desire is to churn out carbon copy robot people. Just look at its schools and the military if you need real life examples of how it works:

The current inequality debate is focused on the amount of money that each American holds.

Paul Krugman is now chiming in and is pleased with this "debate":
It has taken an amazingly long time, but inequality is finally surfacing as a significant unifying issue for progressives — including the president.
Krugman than calls rank on fellow opinion molder, Ezra Klein:
But there’s also an intellectual backlash, with people like Ezra Klein arguing that inequality, while an issue, doesn’t rate being described as “the defining challenge of our time”. This in turn infuriates others, with Steve Randy Waldman going medieval on Klein.

Well, I’m not infuriated, but I would argue that Ezra has gotten this one wrong.
Klein may be part of TIME's "30 Under 30", but Krugman won a Nobel Prize. So if Krugman says that inequality is a "defining challenge" than young buck Klein better get his mind right.

The "debate" is taking many forms. There's raising the "minimum wage", creating a "living wage", and even a "universal guaranteed wage". And of course, calls for the rich to pay "their fair share in taxes".

In other words, the "debate" contains not a mention of removing the biggest creators of inequality: The Federal Reserve and the regulatory state. There is no desire for free markets and abolishing the cronyism that thrives like never before.

The blueprint for the pacifier will consist of some massive redistribution. That will be the prescribed cure for the problem of "inequality." If the people get restless, give them a "guaranteed income" to put them back to sleep. The homeland must be tempered so that the big boys can run the world.

If you're a person who has assets, consider yourself in the crosshairs. As I wrote in a recent piece, Leviathan shows mercy on no one. The rich have been quiet lambs. At some point they're going to get sheered...for the good of the nation.

The egos that run the military empire will try every bad idea in the book to save their worldwide game of Risk. They're not going to bring the troops home and close down those bases until they are absolutely positively forced to financially.

That day is not yet here, and there are still rabbits in the hat.

If you have a lot of money, get ready to hand it over. You're one of the rabbits.

The "inequality" fix is in.

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  1. As usual, a brilliantly succinct piece on the Essential Reality.!
    Thanks again, Chris.

  2. The whole idea of forced re-distribution is immoral and stupid, but if the elites want to take a crack at it, why don't they start with themselves?

    Come on, statists. Show us the way. Whip out your checkbook and write a big fat check to the needy. You don't want to be raging hypocrites, do you?

  3. Of course there has been a recovery. This post is ridiculous. Industrial production, real income minus transfer payments, payroll employment and real GDP all show there has been a recovery. These are the 4 indicators used to date the business cycle. The business cycle is dated by a private non-profit, not a govt entity

    Recovery Measures

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