Friday, December 13, 2013

BUSTED: Lefty Hypocrite

NyPo has the details:
A top diplomat at India’s consulate in Manhattan who lobbies for women’s rights has been busted by the feds — after allegedly mistreating her female nanny.
Devyani , India’s 39-year-old deputy consul general for political, economic, commercial and women’s affairs, was busted Thursday for allegedly helping to submit fake documents to the US State Department saying she was paying the woman $4,500 per month — when, in reality, the caregiver received only $573 monthly, or a measly $3.31 an hour.
In an April interview with The Indian Panorama, a weekly Manhattan-based newspaper, Khobragade claimed that she’s a strong advocate for “underprivileged” women’s rights.
There's nothing wrong with paying below the minimum wage, if a person is freely willing to work for such a wage. But, it is the height of hypocrisy to pay such a wage and then demand that other employers be forced to offer all sorts of cost prohibitive benefits. She is a typical lefty hypocrite.


  1. Understand something about the Idiot Left. When they insist others do like they do, they really mean, "except for me".

  2. "Lefty hypocrite" is practically redundant.

    1. Amen. It's too bad that they are utterly blind and ignorant of their hypocrisy.

    2. So true Steve.

      And Ric, they're that way because a Leftist thinks with "feeeeelings".

  3. I don't share the outrage. I've been involved with a case like this before.

    Girl I knew: call her "La chica" wanted to stay in the States. Become legit. I had a friend. Real estate developer. They became friends. He said "I like her, maybe I can help her out." So he talks to a lawyer. Lawyer says "you have to pay her at least xyz,000 otherwise they won't approve the visa." My friend tells la chica "this is the deal. I'm not going to pay you that much since the job doesn't require it, but I'll say I'm going to, so you get your visa."

    La chica agrees. A few months later, after it all goes through, la chica is bitching. "The application shows xyz,000, and I'm only making abc,000."

    My response: "screw you, sweetheart."

    La chica is back home now.

    My point is the maid knew what she wasn't getting into. The diplomat, lied to the government. We all support that, don't we?

    Yes, she's probably a hypocrite, the maid, though, sounds worthless, probably not worth $3/hr. Just my take.

    1. yes blame the weakest....what a scum bag, I hope a majority of you guys or maybe your offspring end up on the wrong side of the stick...and then we see what you're made of...

      Hidden slums of Singapore revealed

      According to Dr Noorashikin Abdul Rahman, the vice-president of migrant workers NGO, Transient Workers Count Too, “Employers may fire and repatriate the worker if they find out who complained. MOM should run a shelter for these workers to protect them from their employers.”

      Unfortunately, MOM does not currently run such a shelter. It should if it is serious about improving the workers’ living conditions. It will go a long way in empowering these workers, and protect them from having to accept abuse and exploitation in silence.

      Also, employers who fail to provide adequate housing for their workers may have the work permits of their workers cancelled. This is another reason why the workers will not speak up – once their work permits are cancelled, they will be sent home. But why should the workers be penalised – and this is a heavy punishment – for the recalcitrance of their employers?

      Some members of the public opine that these workers actually are having it better than they do back in their own country, that although their living conditions here may be bad, they are actually better than what they face back home -- and thus they should not be complaining.

      Human decency

      It is appalling that we as Singaporeans should hold such views. Even if these workers did come from worse living environments back home, it doesn’t mean we treat them or provide for them just as badly.

  4. Oh yes. Let's blame the 'underpaid' nanny instead of the revoltingly hypocritical, state loving, feminist platitudes spouting diplomat. Gimme a break.

    "The diplomat, lied to the government. We all support that, don't we?"

    WE are libertarians, not hypocritical scummy leftists who otherwise praise the state and pretend to fight for women's rights. We support people lying to the state if they don't like the state, or try to avoid it as much as possible. Not when they are hypocritically just trying to make an exception for themselves to a rule they want to see applied to the rest of us mere mortals.

    And what the maid knew or didn't know is irrelevant. If she had a problem with it, she shouldn't have hired her in the first place. A hypocritical leftist who hires a nanny for below minimum wage has no excuse. Her professed ideals disqualify her from both underpaying her nanny and bitching about getting caught with or without the help of the nanny.
    As a matter of fact, the nanny is much more like a hero if she is the one exposing the diplomat.

    You defeat statists by turning their own ideals against them. By exposing them for exactly what they are. What good would it have possibly done for this scummy woman to do this if it stayed off the radar? Would it have benefited us in the fight for freedom? Don't we already know politicians always try to live above the laws they apply to the rest of us? It is not letting these people indulge in their corruption in secret that benefits us; it is exposing it to the world.
    More please.

  5. From what I read, the maid got FREE living quarters (in NYC that's a lot), medical help and other expenses plus an hourly wage.

    There is very much more to the story.
    I wonder if Bharara would go after real human-trafficking where enslavement and abuse are involved instead of these spurious cases.

  6. The Indian gvt is not taking the arrest and strip searching of a senior diplomat by Preet Bharara lying down.

    The fun begins - all US personnel in India are now being requested for visa and salary details.
    Since the Indian Supreme Court ruled gay sex illegal in India, US gays in India can also be prosecuted for being in violation of Indian laws, the same way Ms Khobragade was treated.

    "India has also sought salary details of all Indian staff employed in US consulates, including those working as domestic help at the homes of US diplomats in India. It has asked for visa and salary details of teachers at US schools here to determine if they are paying tax or not.

    The police have been asked to lift barricades outside the US embassy in Delhi. India is also stopping all import clearances for the embassy. (Devyani Khobragade's arrest: angry India takes reciprocal steps)

    India is livid that Ms Khobragade, 39, was subjected to a humiliating strip search and was kept in a cell with drug addicts after her arrest last Thursday. She has refused to comment on this.

    External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said earlier today, "it is completely unacceptable... We have put in motion what we believe will be an effective way to address this issue and protect her dignity... Everything that can be done, will be done"

    This morning, Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi and Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde refused to meet a visiting US Congressional delegation. The BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that he too has refused to meet the delegation "in solidarity with our nation." Sources said senior officials in the foreign ministry had urged Mr Khurshid to cancel his meeting yesterday with the US team too, but the minister chose to meet them and convey India's displeasure.

    The BJP's Yashwant Sinha said this was not enough action. He said, "The media has reported that we have issued visas to a number of US diplomats' companions. Companions means that they are of the same sex. Now, after the Supreme Court ruling (on gay sex verdict), it is completely illegal in our country. Just as paying fewer wage was illegal in the US. So, why doesn't the Government of India go ahead and arrest all of them! Put them behind bars, prosecute them in this country and punish them?"

    Yesterday, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar and National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon cancelled meetings in Delhi with the delegation. Mr Menon has described Ms Khobragade's treatment as "despicable and barbaric."

    Ms Khobragade, 39, was arrested on Thursday on the street while she was dropping her daughter to school and was handcuffed in public. She was later released on a $250,000 bail. She has been accused of lying on the visa application for an Indian national who worked at her home from November 2012 to June 2013 for less than four dollars an hour.
    (Indian diplomat arrested in US for alleged visa fraud, handcuffed in public)

    A day later, Foreign secretary Sujatha Singh summoned American ambassador in New Delhi, Nancy Powell, and lodged a strong protest over what India has described as "unacceptable treatment" meted out to its senior consular officer. (India summons US ambassador to protest diplomat being handcuffed)

    Noel Clay, a spokesperson for the US State Department, told NDTV that standard procedures had been followed during Ms Khobragade's arrest. Mr Clay also said, "Under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the Indian Deputy Consul General enjoys immunity from the jurisdiction of US courts only with respect to acts performed in the exercise of consular functions." India has argued that the US has violated the Vienna Convention."

    End Quote