Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CHARGE: At Least Two Ron Paul Campaign Officials Directly Involved in Illegal Payments Now Work for Mitch McConnell.

Keep an eye on investigative journalist Lee Stranahan (formerly of Breitbart). He is one of the players digging into Ron Paul Inc.

Folks, it's starting, as I have been warning. BUT, this is only the beginning. It is going to get much uglier. Please, please remember, there is a big difference between Ron Paul and Ron Paul Inc.


  1. Hmmm....looks like fat boy might be going down. Looks like he might have to do more than hold his nose to avoid trouble this time.

  2. what fine children dr. paul (mr. MINARCHIST) has raised. Little Rand neocon in training and Mrs. Jesse Benton. What an embarrasment.

  3. Oh who cares?
    Politicians and campaigners support things a lot more evil than buying people off. They broke some rules of a system that is itself immoral anyway. And they aren't libertarians anyway so who is surprised?
    The only question i have is: when is Ron Paul (whom is held to be a libertarian) going to be held responsible for once again seeming oblivious to the slime he had gathered around him? And I don't see him making any statements about these characters either.

  4. Mr. Wenzel,

    Please stop trying to absolve Dr. Paul from responsibility for the acts of those employed by him. It makes you sound like a sycophant and diminishes your credibility. Dr. Paul should have known what those who work for him, in his name, were doing.

    1. In fairness to Wenzel, Ron Paul has always been very weak in surrounding himself with the right people when it comes to his political campaigns in regards to national level campaigns.

      Very frankly, I think Ron Paul a bit naive. Although someone more positive than me might say he only sees the good in people.

      Either way, I think you'd agree with me that never would Ron Paul endorse any of the actions of these people even if he was responsible for hiring them.

      I classify Ron Paul a victim in that sense. I certainly won't let it diminish his other accomplishments and the fact I became an anarcho-capitalist eventually because of him. It's just a personal weakness he has, and we all have weaknesses, but certainly not malevolent in any way, shape, or form.

      I think that is the point Wenzel is trying to make. Ron Paul is a still a good man despite the people he hired not living up to his standard.

    2. @ Anonymous,

      All of that would sound somewhat reasonable, if not for the fact that he all but endorses his own son, as well as various other dubious people (such as Ken Cuccinelli) who could hardly be called libertarian. What is his excuse there?

      I wouldn't claim Ron Paul can be bought in the economic sense. But he sure is eager to throw his support behind people for emotional or other non-rational reasons, at the expense of his own credibility as a principled libertarian.

      My credo: support ideas, not people.