Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day Gossip: Spitzer Launched Charm Offensive with Family of His New 31-Year Old Girlfriend

NyPo is all over this:
[S]ources told The Post that Spitzer had to mount a charm offensive to win over[Lis] Smith’s family and convince them that his days of patronizing prostitutes were over.
He sat down with Smith’s parents and siblings during a series of meetings in October and November to assure them his intentions were honorable.
Her father and brothers — including her twin, Angus — were the most skeptical about the notorious “Love Gov,” but eventually gave him their blessing to pursue the relationship.
Spitzer also introduced Smith to his older brother and sister, as well as his parents, the sources said. 
Spitzer and Smith met briefly at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, but sparks didn’t fly until after Smith — a “rapid-response” specialist for President Obama’s re-election campaign — was recruited to work on the ex-governor’s comptroller campaign, the sources said.
After Spitzer lost the Democratic primary to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Smith became the chief spokesman for Democrat Bill de Blasio’s general-election campaign for mayor.
As for the soon to be ex-wife of Spitzer, NyPo informs:
 Details of the Spitzers’ impending divorce were unclear, but a source close to Silda, 55, said the couple — who reported a combined $4.2 million in adjusted gross income last year — had been trying to negotiate a settlement that wouldn’t force the sale of any of the prime Manhattan real estate owned by Eliot’s ailing dad, Bernard.
Eliot currently manages those holdings, which include the swanky apartment building at 200 Central Park South and a sizable stake in the landmark Crown Building at 730 Fifth Ave.
The portfolio, which also includes property in Washington, DC, is worth an estimated $1 billion.

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  1. Someone needs to send Smith's family a copy of the frog and the scorpion for when he eventually gives her VD.

    I can't help it... ...Because I'm Elliot Spitzer!