Wednesday, December 4, 2013

CONFIRMED FBI Raid at Kent Sorenson's House

Two sources have confirmed to me that last week, in Iowa, the FBI raided the house of Kent Sorenson.

Sorenson is the Iowa politico who allegedly received illegal payoffs from the Michelle Bachmann 2012 presidential campaign and the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign.

According to my sources, the FBI was at Sorenson's house for 7 hours. They took Sorenson's computers and the school-related computers of Sorenson's children. Notebooks and diaries were also taken.

Who knew what in the Ron Paul 2012 campaign about the payoffs to Sorenson will surely be a major topic going into the 2014 mid-term election cycle, as  investigative journalist Lee Stranaham appears to have id'd two Ron Paul campaign 2012 officials who were aware of the payoffs, and who are now working for Mitch McConnell's re-election campaign.

On a longer timeline, the raid at Sorenson's house suggests the FBI is taking the payoffs to Sorenson very seriously, which means they may stumble across even uglier payoffs made to protect a Ron Paul 2012 official.

Everyday, I am learning of more journalists picking up the scent on this story. There are many twists, turns and oddities to this story that will likely eventually result in it gaining national prominence. I know of one serious journalist who is planning to visit Des Moines, Iowa within the next two weeks to poke around.


  1. The sad thing is that this totally backfired. With the announcement that Sorensen was switching camps, Michelle Bachmann 's support collapsed but they all went to Rick Santorum. He was last to peak and ended up winning Iowa.

    Without the Sorensen fiasco, Bachmann would have siphoned a lot of Santorum 's support, giving Ron Paul at least second place.

    1. There is nothing sad about this. It's funny not sad, especially since Ron Paul never had a snowball's chance in Hell of getting the GOP nomination and he never even wanted the nomination. He ran to raise his public profile so he could sell people stuff.

    2. I agree in principle, but in reality there was no way the GOP leadership was letting Ron Paul walk away with Iowa. They would have "lost" however many votes they needed to in order to sideline Dr. No.

      Even to the point of delaying the actual count for days or weeks.

      Which is why the Paulistas own Iowa GOP, now.

    3. @JW, let me rephrase: sad if you like freedom, but most amusing if you like having a police state. You are correct that the GOP will never allow a friend of liberty to be nominated.

    4. haha Jerry! Yep, Ron Paul....what a gold-digger

    5. @ Lyander . . . don't stop with the Republicans, the democrats won't ever allow a friend of liberty to be nominated, either.

  2. Please tell me this all comes back to Jesse Benton. Please, please, please.

    Benton will take McConnell down with him if so, and that's nothing but good for the country.

  3. So what exactly did anybody do in all of this that was truly immoral? somebody paid somebody else to do something? Who cares? Why is the media going after this so hard while ignoring the fact that this sort of thing goes on in every campaign organization? The only obvious immorality in all of this was the holding of elections, but that is my inner anarchist talking.

  4. "Sorenson is the Iowa politico who allegedly received illegal payoffs from the Michelle Bachmann 2012 presidential campaign and the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign."
    The Ron Paul who isn't really a Doctor but claims to be... rolling eyes