Monday, December 16, 2013

Do the Koch Brothers See Libertarians Everywhere?

The so-called libertarians, the Koch brothers, spent big money supporting Mitt Romney in his 2012  run against President Obama. They also spent money on  20 other Republican candidates, most of whom were running for Senate seats. Who knew there were so many libertarian candidates around?

The fact of the matter is there are no libertarians in the Senate and none that I am aware of that ran for the Senate on the Republican ticket. As for supporting Romney, did the Koch brothers not here about Ron Paul?

Here's Open Secrets with the ugly details:
Americans for Responsible Leadership-- one of the political nonprofits involved in a scheme last year that California authorities called political "money laundering" -- spent more than $25.2 million last year, roughly a 13-fold increase over the $1.8 million it spent in the non-election year 2011. 

And ARL received almost all its revenues -- 97.6 percent -- from a single organization linked to billionaire conservatives Charles and David Koch, the Center to Protect Patient Rights, making it practically a wholly-owned subsidiary of the latter group. In that sense it's similar to another 501(c)4 nonprofit, American Future Fund, which obtained 92 percent of its 2012 funds from CPPR and one other Koch-linked group. 

ARL spent nearly $9.8 million in the 2012 elections, including $3.2 million against President Obama's re-election bid, according to reports it filed with the Federal Election Commission. The rest was spent supporting Obama's rival, GOP nominee Mitt Romney, and 20 other Republican candidates, most of whom were running for Senate seats. 

This suggests one thing, the Koch brothers are opportunists supporting  politicians who will help their business agenda. Beginning and end of story.


  1. If anything it's more evidence to use to smack liberals with who try to associate the Koch's with libertarianism.

    1. While true, it'll never see the light of day. It doesn't fit the narrative. The country must be paralyzed with the fear that libertarians will take over the country and not tell everyone what to do...

  2. Engage in cronyism, blame capitalism. Thanks, Koch Bros!

    Buncha dicks.