Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DRUDGE: Buffett's Gravy Train is a Real Train Operation that Gets $600 Million in Government Incentives

But if you are a regular EPJ reader, you know this already.

Nick Badalamenti emails:
Drudge just posted this. Looks like MSM is only 11 months behind! In addition to the headline with Buffett's picture the article specifically mentions BNSF:


  1. It also looks like Buffett is flexing his crony muscles on the XL Pipeline as well:


  2. But I forgot, so thanks for repeating it. As for perhaps 1/2 of the $600m+ and the railroads that sponsor Freight Rail Works:

    "Freight rail is 'Designed To Move a Nation,'...and we do it without burdening taxpayers."


    Probably the situation is even more complex than suggested by the McClatchyDC article. For example, who makes the rolling stock best suited to take advantage of the upgrades? Who owns the construction firms involved? (And are their laborers unionized?) Who sells the rails and related equipment? Are the fingerprints of Buffett the do-gooder on those, too?