Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Five Police Charges Issued Against Amanda Billyrock

Libertarian activist Amanda Billyrock has emailed me the following youtube statement about the charges against her.


  1. That is the most difficult part of defending your rights against the state. You can be right all you want, but it will cost you your time, your resources, and your energy in order to defend against any senseless charges it wishes to bring against you.

  2. I am going to donate Bitcoin to her right now. I am not in America. I am not an "American".

  3. Good luck Ms Billyrock.
    Even if you did have a prescription drug smoldering in the ashtray, an open container of gin, and/or resisted arrest......................there was no victim.
    So where's the crime?
    There isn't one.

    1. Tell that to someone who has lost a family member to a drunk driver. She ran a red light with open container in the car and refused the breathalyzer. This is not someone "standing up to the man," this is spoiled little kid saying she is above the law.