Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Harvard Publication Apologizes for Blog Post Saying Jews ‘Deserved’ Punishments

Harvard goes far beyond the Ron Paul newsletters. Will the president of Harvard apologize to Alan Dershowitz?

The Harvard Ichthus, a student-run journal of Christian thought, issued an official apology on Saturday for a blog post that has been taken down because of accusations of anti-Semitic language, reports The Harvard Crimson.

The post, written by an anonymous author, has garnered national attention. It read, “We, the Jews, collectively rejected God and hung Him up on a cross to die, and thus we deserved the punishments that were heaped on our heads over the last 2000 years.”

Aaron C. Gyde ’14, editor of The Harvard Ichthus, explained to the Crimson that the piece was not the official stance of the publication but rather the words of one particular author, which were easily misinterpreted. “The text itself suggested things that the author didn't intend,” Gyde said.

“The reason it was first published is because we are very open Christian community of intellectual thought, and we allow bloggers to write about whatever they feel like writing about,” Gyde said. “There is no review board. I had talked with the author before, and we had talked a little bit about what he wanted to write, but not too much.”


  1. I don't know how you could misinterpret that. "..last 2,000 years..." Seems to be premillennialist. Either way, whatever their eschatology, most Christians don't think this way.

  2. Substantiating Fears of Grade Inflation, Dean Says Median Grade at Harvard College Is A-, Most Common Grade Is A

    UPDATED: December 4, 2013, at 1:15 a.m.

    The median grade at Harvard College is an A-, and the most frequently awarded mark is an A, Dean of Undergraduate Education Jay M. Harris said on Tuesday afternoon, supporting suspicions that the College employs a softer grading standard than many of its peer institutions.

    Harris delivered the information in response to a question from government professor Harvey C. Mansfield ’53 at the monthly meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

    “A little bird has told me that the most frequently given grade at Harvard College right now is an A-,” Mansfield said during the meeting’s question period. “If this is true or nearly true, it represents a failure on the part of this faculty and its leadership to maintain our academic standards.”

    Harris then stood and looked towards FAS Dean Michael D. Smith in hesitation.

    “I can answer the question, if you want me to.” Harris said. “The median grade in Harvard College is indeed an A-. The most frequently awarded grade in Harvard College is actually a straight A.”

    Harris said after the meeting that the data on grading standards is from fall 2012 and several previous semesters.

    In an email to The Crimson after the meeting, Mansfield wrote that he was “not surprised but rather further depressed” by Harris’s answer.

    “Nor was I surprised at the embarrassed silence in the whole room and especially at the polished table (as I call it),” Mansfield added, referencing the table at the front of the room where top administrators sit. “The present grading practice is indefensible.”

    Classics professor Richard F. Thomas, a member of the Faculty Council who was also in attendance at the monthly meeting, said he expects FAS will discuss grade inflation at some point in the future.
    Such a discussion, if initiated, would not be without precedent at Harvard. In 2001, FAS’s Educational Policy Committee labeled grade inflation “a serious problem” at the College after a report in the Boston Globe labeled the College’s grading practices “the laughing stock of the Ivy League.”

    isn't this where all our TOP economic advisers come from?

  3. Matthew 27: 25 (RSV):

    [25] And all the people answered, "His blood be on us and on our children!"

    Hatred of the Jews was baked into the cake from the very beginning, make ABSOLUTELY no mistake about it. Christianity, developed by the Flavian Caesars, was intended from the start to degrade the History of the Jews and glorify the newly deified Flavians. Please see Joseph Atwill, _Caesar's Messiah_ or my work.

    Read John 11 as the Romans screaming at you, telling you what they are going to do:

    [4] But when Jesus heard it he said, "This illness is not unto death; it is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified by means of it."

    "Lazarus" <=> "Eleazar" has been dead 4 days. You cannot resurrect someone who has been dead 4 days. Yet, this "Jesus" will do just that because "Eleazar" (1 Chronicles 24) has been promised Kingship and the Priesthood and that will now be given to the Flavians. Vespasian is the "Father" and, here, Titus is dba "The Son".

    Every now and then, someone will let it slip out - "It's the duty of Christians to "Do Away" with the Jews". Ooops! Didn't mean that!

    Yes, that is precisely what you meant and that is precisely what the Supersessionist Religions have been advocating for centuries: Hatred of the Jews.

  4. False flag.
    The student was a recent Jewish convert to Christianity.
    And he wrote anonymously.
    Staged anti-semitism. Old trick.

  5. Oh everybody chill. These people are from Harvard, and so by definition, are clueless.

    Just engaging in some mental masturbation which is how they earn all those "median A" grades...