Sunday, December 15, 2013

Has the Establishment Decided to Crush the Tea Party?

Robert Reich is clueless when it comes to economics, but I find him an astute political observer, which is why I find this tweet interesting:


  1. Clinton's Cabinet hardly ever met, they did almost nothing and had very little power. Their power is limited to influencing the President and Clinton had better ideas. I remember reading that in the White House and
    Cabinet meetings no one would talk to or even acknowledge Reich. He's made a career afterwards out of the impression that he was a high government official and an inside power person. If he had pull in DC he would be in DC; he's in Berkeley where they are so far out on the frontier that they don't even know who is in and who is out in DC.

  2. Reich is a moron of Krugman proportions.

    That being said, if Reich is right (first time for everything) and the RINOs are finally ready to meet the TEA Party on the battlefield of the ballot box, then they have come to the conclusion that to NOT do so means their certain demise. The GOP cannot win without the TEA Party, and the TEA Party demands results.

    So the question is, will the RINOs undercut their own party to silence the TEApublicans? Or will the TEApublicans kick the RINOs out of the GOP?