Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Highlights of the Budget Deal

The Ryan-Murray proposal will replace part of sequestration—the automatic cuts to domestic and military spending in the Budget Control Act that averted the 2011 debt-ceiling standoff—for the next two years. Domestic and military spending will be set at $1.012 trillion for fiscal year 2014, higher than the $967 billion called for by sequestration

The deal creates a minuscule new $20 billion in net deficit reduction over sequestration, BUT, get this, those extra cuts won't come until 2022 and 2023.

Overall, the proposed deal front loads spending while pushing much of the deficit reduction off until later. This means it is nothing but a further increase in government spending, with the cover of deficit reduction (by increasing government revenues) years later.

(Via Mother Jones)


  1. I love hearing scum-bag SOB parasite-bastard Paul Ryan, who works for the biggest debtor nation of all history and also works for an entity that saddles even unborn children with obscene amounts of debt claim "we're also going after dead-beat dads"......................................not.

  2. Here's a quarter kid, go buy yourself a newspaper. What a cosmic joke.

    No one has the balls to step up and tell the truth because when they do the whole pile of crap will collapse. They know there is no solution, we know there is no solution. It is unfixable. So we get this legislative masturbation behind closed doors - a gigantic "bipartisan" circle jerk and voila everything is just hunky dory.

    The country would be better off if they all went home for Christmas and never came back...