Tuesday, December 10, 2013

KNOCKOUT GAME ESCALATION Police Search for Hasidic Men Who Beat Up Black Student

NyPo has the story:
Cops said Monday they are looking into a possible bias crime after a group of Hasidic men pummeled a young black man and broke his eye socket on a Williamsburg street.
Taj Patterson, 22, was drunk after a night of partying when the thugs attacked him at around 5 a.m. Dec. 1 on Flushing Avenue, cops said.
Multiple witnesses, including a bus driver who exited his vehicle to stop the attack, told police about the brutal beating.
Cops handed the investigation to the Hate Crimes Task Force, which called Patterson to the 90th Precinct station house on Monday to make a statement.
He was too intoxicated to make a statement on the morning of the assault, sources said.
The incident is similar to the so-called knockout game, where young men have been attacking unsuspecting people walking on the street.

In a number of previous such incidents in Brooklyn neighborhoods over the past two months, Jewish victims were targeted by young black men.


  1. Not a hate crime when white men and women get brutally concussed by a pack (gaggle?) of young black men?

  2. As defined by Wikipedia: Hasidic Judaism from the Hebrew: חסידות‎ (Sephardic pronunciation: IPA: [ħasiˈdut]; Ashkenazic pronunciation: IPA: [χaˈsidus]), meaning "piety" (or "loving-kindness")...
    Hint: Look at the hyphenated word in parenthesis.

    So, people who see that Mandela's actions were justified because blacks were being mistreated (in horrible ways) and didn't feel like there was anything he could do otherwise and that his actions were a natural result for putting people against the wall, were these Hasidic men justified as well?

    - JS

  3. What if a black jew, say Lenny Kravitz went "fight club"? Is that a self hate crime?

    1. Only if the Jewish parts punched the black parts.

  4. This is literally becoming pathetic. But oddly, in the case where a black guy is assaulted, there are actual WITNESSES and not just someone with a scrape or scratch making allegations. Anyway, this whole story is a fake outrage that is unecessarily causing tension.

    1. "But oddly, in the case where a black guy is assaulted, there are actual WITNESSES and not just someone with a scrape or scratch making allegations"

      Are you really saying that there are no witnesses to blacks playing the knockout game? Or that there aren't dozens of youtube videos of them doing it?

      People called this as soon as they started talking about this divisive crap. No mention in most of the media while the story was still about blacks beating up people. As soon as a black kid gets beat up by a group of whites/jews/whatever, it's going to be news. Check.

      Didn't it take them years to even start thinking about calling it a "hate crime" (nonsensical term)? I don't believe there should be any such distinction in the legal system. Violent crime is violent crime, no matter who the victim or suspect is.