Monday, December 16, 2013

Last Chance to Get Info on My Buy Gold Recommendation

All last week, I sent out to new subscribers of the EPJ Daily Alert, my recent past ALERTS, which included details of why I am bullish on gold (and silver) and what investors should do now.

Those who subscribe to the ALERT today will be the last who will receive these past ALERTS. If you own gold or are considering buying gold, subscribe now and find out my thinking on when the next upside move in gold and silver could occur and why.

A monthly subscription is $23.00...Click here

A 3 month subscription is $55.19 Save 20%.....Click here.

A 6 month subscription is $99.46 Save 33%......Click here.

A yearly subscription is $138.00  Save 50%.......Click here.


  1. I'll buy when you start taking BTC...hahaha.

    1. Wenzel's site is about making money not losing it. No shitcoins here.

  2. Would a novice investor benefit from this subscription or is it for the pros? I'm just a schlub trying to protect my 401k. Can I get a sample?

    1. I am a recent subscriber, and without giving away specific information I believe the Daily Alert would be profitable for a day trader, investor or someone just looking to protect their 401k.

      I have both a 401k as well as a brokerage account. The general market information is helpful to ascertain where we are in the bigger picture and specific advice is given from time to time.

      Its worth it just to try it for a month at least, you'll get a month's worth of alerts to figure out if you want to continue.

  3. This is a bad time to have swore off using the credit card online.
    I'll probably kick myself later for not signing up.
    I do hope, after the time passes, EPJ lets us know what it was we missed and how it worked out.
    For what it's worth, I do appreciate what EPJ does. The free crumbs are awesome!