Tuesday, December 17, 2013

National Journal: The Obscure Iowa Scandal That Reaches All the Way to Mitch McConnell

Mainstream media is starting to take notice of Staffergate. National Journal's Marin Cogan writes:
Did a Michele Bachmann aide get paid to endorse Ron Paul? And did McConnell's campaign manager know about it?

Mitch McConnell has more pressing things to worry about: a wealthy tea partier primarying him, a fresh-faced Democrat challenging him—to say nothing of the difficulties of holding his Senate conference together in a time of GOP civil war.

But McConnell might need to add Kent Sorenson, an obscure former Iowa state senator, to his list. Sorenson resigned from office in October after a special investigator in Iowa found probable cause that he broke state law by lying about accepting payment to work on Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign. He's also suspected of taking money from Ron Paul's campaign to switch his support to that candidate—whose operatives are now deeply linked to McConnell's.

Last month, the FBI seized Sorenson's family computers and told his attorney it was looking into his contact with 2012 presidential campaigns. It's not clear what aspect interests them, but if the Iowa investigator's report is any indication, the federal probe could have implications for McConnell's 2014 Senate bid.
This story is going to develop right into election day 2014 and from what I am told it goes well beyond a payoff to Kent Sorenson. It is likely to get very ugly for Ron Paul Inc.


  1. Nice to see the MSM pulling its weight as sales and marketing affiliate of the DNC.

    Now, Kent Sorenson would not have taken money from Ron Paul's campaign so much as taken money offered by some individual associated with that campaign. Who made the offer? Who cleared it with the treasurer? And did the campaign do something stupid like have bookkeeping and treasury functions united in one person such that financial control was weak? Or hire a weak tool as bookkeeper?

    On the brighter side, this scandal could contribute to a devastation of the GOP's chances for success by so thoroughly tarnishing their brand that potential supporters refrain from voting for the GOP in greater numbers than they did when offered the chance to vote for Mitt's Romneycare. If the GOP's reputation is thoroughly sullied, as the fair and objective MSM hopes it will be, the DNC could seize control of many, many seats now controlled by the GOP gangsters in the national and provincial governments.

    What happens next? Soon the Democratic tyrants overplay their hand, or tip it so far such that everyone can see what they are planning. Then maybe comes a rebellion better than that ugly, feckless, flag waving, militaristic, quasi-Fascistic Tea Party.

  2. the technique has been refined since that day in Dallas, no? But is the target a bunch of ex Paul staffers?