Thursday, December 19, 2013

NBA Players Ditch the FDA Pyramid and Go Paleo-Primal

Is the FDA food pyramid an unhealthy mix, with much too much emphasis on grains? Most likely. NBA players, who watch their bodies closely, are starting to get it.

Kobe Bryant has eliminated sugar and pizza and only eats lean meat. .(Via Business Insider)

He told ESPN:
"There aren't really any supplements that I'm taking from that perspective. What I've done really is just train really hard and watch my diet. I think that's the thing that catches guys most. They don't do self assessing."

Karen De Coster writes:
So many players, so many paleos. CBS Sports has published a fantastic article on NBA players who have gone paleo to retard the aging process, heal up after injuries, and kick sugar addictions. Ray Allen of the Miami Heat had become entirely dependent upon anti-inflammatory meds to keep him going until he went paleo.
I stamped out a rare autoimmune disorder I was diagnosed with in 2003 by rejecting the conventional wisdom of know-nothing doctors, their “research-based” protocol, and Big Pharma meds, and instead, I adopted the paleo diet before I even knew it was the paleo diet.

Yet another reason why it is dangerous for government to set regulations based on their allowing items they think are good for us. Sometimes, they can be clueless to the truth (or influenced to ignore the truth).


  1. Having worked in a natural foods store for about 5 years, I have developed the ability to pretty much tell what kind of diet folks are following by just looking at them. I also had the opportunity to get to know many of the "regular" customers, and I can tell you from experience that our healthiest customers were paleo. The diabetics who were sent to the store by their doctor for some help with their diet, while generally jovial, were also quite panic stricken. The vegetarians were somewhat happy, but a bit "holier than thou". The "gluten-free" folks were rarely people with celiac disease, meaning gluten would make them quite sick. Rather, typically they were just trendy. However, the vegans stood out the most- they were unhappy, pale, and seemed to have a "haze" about them, like they were in some sort of a mental fog. These are absolutely broad generalizations, but pretty darn true to my experiences. As a side note, the fattest folks were always buying "low-fat" items, while the healthiest were seeking "whole-milk" and the most unaltered sorts of things!

    On a libertarian note, it is obvious that the primary beneficiaries of the government farm subsidy (grain growers) have their segment of the pyramid right on bottom- indicating the government wishes consumers to eat a large portion of their daily diet in grains. The US food system is truly built on subsidized grains, and the results (more overweight people) are quite predictable. This is a strange form of redistribution that amounts to taking tax dollars (stolen loot) and money-laundering those dollars through the agricultural system, resulting in fat wallets for a select few big ag companies, and fat asses for the majority of their consumers who are driven to their products via unrealistically cheap prices!

  2. There are no bad or good foods, only bad or good decisions. Going "paleo" may be one of them.
    Bear in mind that all diets based on a restriction of some kind are doomed to failure.
    You will surely lose weight when restricting a macronutrient that makes about 50% of your total food intake. (In the first days the weight loss will be mostly water.) However, most low-carb dieters give up after a few months for the simple reason that we are all designed to crave carbohydrates.
    Also bear in mind that there was no single paleo-diet. I suggest you The paleo diet through this you get more results about Paleo diet benefits .