Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Phone Recording Emerges in the Ron Paul/Bachmann Scandal

Investigative reporter Lee Stranahan appeared on WHO radio this afternoon and released a blockbuster part of a phone recording between Kent Sorenson and Dennis Fusaro.

On the recording, Sorenson contradicts his statements to the media and federal authorities, and admits that he was told by the Bachmann campaign manager to take/steal an important list of Christian Republican voters, at the time of the 2012 presidential campaign race. This tape causes all kinds of problems for senior officials in the Bachmann 2012 campaign.

In relation to on going political activity, Stranahan also during the show linked the president of ICT, which paid Sorenson $75,000 most likely on behalf of the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, to the brother of Ron Paul Inc operative Dimitri Kesari. Not good news for Dimitri---or Ron Paul Inc. Of note, the Mitch McConnell 2014 campaign, through a Kesari corporation, has paid Kesari $75,000. Not good for Mitch.

Fusaro is the individual who also recorded the infamous Jesse "I'm holding my nose" Benton recording. If I am part of Ron Paul Inc, I am going over every conversation I had with Fusaro. The man has tapes! I suspect we will hear more in the future.


  1. Isn't dimitri the one raimondo wrote about with CIA connections? Did he do this stuff on purpose?