Saturday, December 14, 2013

NYC Townhouse Up For Sale at $114 Million

NYT reports:
An Upper East Side mansion whose stark limestone facade is a foil for six levels of elaborate interiors that take their cues from disparate locales like the Palace of Versailles, the historic castles and churches of Italy, and a red velvet movie theater that once thrived in Queens, is poised to enter the market at a genre-popping asking price of $114.077 million.[...]The house, at 12 East 69th Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues, has seven bedrooms, six baths and three powder rooms.[...] 
With winter pending, the notion of going home to a showplace where the pampering begins on the sidewalk — both it and the exterior staircase are heated, as are the onyx floors in the foyers on the parlor level — could prove irresistible. Owning this house means never needing to hoist a snow shovel.


  1. Yes...but...Penguins in the kitchen?!??

  2. Some foreigner will gladly pay top dollar to launder illicit gains...but who cares where it came from, right?

  3. Listed by Tafbem (There's A Fool Born Every Minute) Realtors...