Saturday, December 14, 2013

Will the DHS Now Put Keynesians on Its Watch List?

The teenage gunman, Karl Pierson, who yesterday entered and started shooting in a Colorado high school was apparently a rabid, outspoken Keynesian.

The Denver Post reports:
7NEWS has learned that Pierson -- who was described as exceptionally bright but difficult and argumentative --  was upset about being booted from the debate team. 
[Classmate Max] Minne said the senior had a combative personality. 
"He was always the type that wanted to be right. He would always argue with the teacher about scholastic things, whatever we were talking about he always had something to say. Never wanted anyone to tell him he was wrong. I definitely noticed that in the classes I was in with him," Minne said. "He spoke intelligently, he's a smart guy, I think he did pretty well in school, he was just kinda weird. ... He wasn't a violent person, he was just verbally aggressive.[...]
In one Facebook post, Pierson attacks the philosophies of economist Adam Smith who through his invisible hand theory pushed the notion that the free market was self-regulating. In another post, he describes himself as "Keynesian."
In the past, the Department of Homeland Security has drawn up lists of some right wingers, because the DHS deemed them potentially violent. Does the latest shooting in Colorado mean the DHS now needs to be working on its Keynesian list?


  1. Krugman and ygelesias are spreading a message of hate! Where is the SPLC?