Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obama Does Mandela Memorial Service with the Missus


  1. "In extracts which had already been made public Mr Klein claims that Mrs Obama is so jealous of her husband receiving female attention she orders women who are close to him in the White House to be watched.
    The First Lady is supposedly paranoid Mr Obama will cheat on her as John F Kennedy did to his wife.
    In the book he adds more detail and claims when Mr Obama was studying at Harvard as a law student she would fly into jealous rages when she saw him with other women."

    "The book claims that once her husband assumed office she began to wield power behind the scenes to such an extent that Mr Obama shares a ‘co-presidency’ with her."

    1. Ugly AND manipulative and controlling. What a prize she is.

  2. Those carefully selected, and very humorous, photos escaped the usual screening process practiced in the Obama White House. It seems that in lieu of customary photojournalist freedom to take pics of the prez and his staff in unguarded moments, as enjoyed in previous administrations, the Obama WH distributes its own photos, like propaganda. (See today's NY Times.)

    And now, the man who has been made to appear a potential cuckhold:

  3. When things like this happen it just reminds Mrs. Obama of her husbands high school prom photo.

  4. Man, that body language says everything there is to say.