Monday, December 23, 2013

Sibel Edmonds on Glenn Greenwald and His Connection to Billionaire Pierre Omidyar

I have no problem with checkbook journalism, so I am not in sync with Sibel Edmonds criticism of Glenn Greenwald for grabbing the big cash, however, her overall take on Greenwald and her focus on the curious Pierre Omidyar is fascinating.

(ht Mike Walgenbach)


  1. I don't fundamentally understand accusations of checkbook journalism. As if anything other than the vast majority of journalism is done for free/nonprofit, and funded by community coops as opposed to billionaire oligarchs/the state.

  2. One of the points brought up in this discussion was that all we know about Snowdon has been presented to us via Mainstream Media. THAT really got me to thinking! How easily we can be taken for a ride....

  3. Sibel is quite late on this. Some of us were onto this right from the start.


  4. Sibel Edmonds is a complete nutjob.