Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Future Samsung Sees for You

You will definitely know the temperature outside.


  1. Samsung paints a rosey vision of their future.
    In reality, if the Japanese and Americans don't do something about their respective corrupt central banker cartels , then every one of those nifty displays will only show a boot stamping on a human face - forever." - .......or a whole generation's shadow burned into a wall.

    1. I think the Brave New World scenario is more likely than the 1984 one - plenty of screens to keep people superficially entertained and distracted from building anything (business or family) with their lives. Really just an extension of the process under way already.

    2. Meh. More stuff we don't need. Anyone really going to use a flexible screen? Sit on that once and see what happens.

      Most of this technology is like hula hoops - fun for about five minutes and then into the closet. How many hours do we waste doing absolutely meaningless, mindless things on the internet? Like, ahhh, errrr, this??? [crap]