Monday, December 2, 2013

The Menace and Immorality of the Welfare State

Richard Ebeling emails:
Dear Bob,

I have a new opinion piece on the news and commentary website, "EpicTimes," on "The Menace and Immorality of the Welfare State."
I explain the nature and dangers from our welfare state system in terms of  arrogant government power and paternalism; corrupt political plunder by special interest groups; the fantasy of "social justice," as a basis of redistribution;  the impact of "moral hazard" when government subsidizes mistakes and bad choices; and the pressures to cover the costs of the welfare state through higher taxes, continuing deficits and growing debt.
I suggest that all these forces and factors are pushing us down a "new road to serfdom" from which escape will be increasingly difficult if we do not do all that we can to stop it.

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  1. An excellent article, as usual, from Dr Ebeling. It is a topsy-turvy world when a gentleman like this can present, perhaps unintentionally, the historical social teaching of the Catholic Church better than Cardinal Dolan ("we could have been cheerleaders for Obamacare") or Pope Francis. Obamacare, like nearly all oversized programs of the "federal" government, contradicts the natural law principle of subsidiarity. I am quite sure Jesus did not say "sell all you have and give it to the government to give to the poor". As a Catholic I find what appears to be a failure to understand their own doctrines to be dismaying.