Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The People Know

Lobbyists came in last in the Gallup poll, with only 6 percent of the public saying they have high or very high honest and ethical standards. In second to last place was Congress itself, at 8 percent, reports Politico.

I would have reversed the order, but the public clearly understands. Now, if the public would only understand the alternative, a complete private property society.


  1. Exactly. If Congress doesn't have stolen money to dish out among the politically connected, lobbying disappears as a career opportunity. And Washington DC reverts to the sleepy little swamp town it used to be (or all those brilliant folks in K Street offices find a way to be useful to their fellow human beings, for a change).

  2. Jim Grant.."The Fed can change how things look, it cannot change what things are,"

    "I got up this early to talk, not to listen," Jim Grant berates Fed-apologist Steve Liesman as the two go head-to-head over the fallacy that QE has been a success. "The Fed can change how things look, it cannot change what things are," is the single-sentence summation of the mirage that the Fed's "dangerous monetary manipulation" has created.

    Arguing that Grant is wrong because, as we saw this morning with CPI, there is no inflation, Grant blasts back pointing to the massive inflation in asset prices, art, farmland, ferraris as indicative of who the Fed's policies have helped. Grant adds to the list of obvious bubbles and even Joe Kiernan jumps in on his side against Liesman's insistence that the Fed is omnipotent (because the currency hasn't crashed... yet).
    150 seconds of perfect disequilibrium at the pretense of central planning...


  3. What is sad is that if you look at the poll
    police officers and military officers rank near the top. This is a very dangerous misperception about people in government costumes.