Friday, December 13, 2013

The Truth I Was Able to Smuggle on Television About Nelson Mandela

By Ilana Mercer

Why would a consummate narcissist snap a "selfie" of himself at the funeral of Nelson Mandela?

How was it that a random gesticulator—and a very cool, creative guy, if you ask me—officiated as a sign-language interpreter at the Mandela memorial?

What could possibly have driven the handshake between dictator numero uno (the uncro
wned king of the killer drones) and dictator No. 2 (Raul Castro)?

These are some of the weighty—evidently inexplicable—questions with which mainstream media are currently preoccupied in their ongoing Mandela monomania.

My homeland South-Africa is a dominant-party state where might makes right. However, due to the same malfunctioning media's remedial revisionism, a "Rambo Nation" has been marketed to the world as the mythical "Rainbow Nation."

To the American media, mining Mandela's legacy has meant repeating the man's fortune-cookie profundities and warmed-over wisdom.

RT TV, however—"Cross Talk," in particular—has endeavored to dig deeper into the deceased leader's legacy. The price I paid this week for smashing RT's "Cross-Talk" set, so to speak, was this:

Despite twice providing producers with the necessary biographical details, my authorship of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa,” chronicling “The Heart of Darkness” that is Mandela's South Africa, was kept under-wraps. (Having no make-up is plenty punishment to any woman, however, the duty to bear Christian witness trumped vanity.) The other panelists you are about to watch—Mandela hagiographers both—had their credentials, affiliations, and yet-to-be-published books advertised.

When truth is smuggled onto television, it is rationed.


I love that guy. I mean the random gesticulator at the Mandela memorial. He was the most original act at the funeral. Give the sign-language interpreter an 0-1 Visa. He's got gumption. Deaf people can learn a new language. Learn a little tolerance too. The best part is how everyone is beating up on South Africa's ruling ANCniks for hiring the improv-signer. He's a great hire. Now give him a name. Stop dehumanizing this plucky little MC (master of ceremonies).


  1. Ms. Mercer is very well spoken.

    It's amazing to me that the other panelists could claim that Mandela was anything other that a rampant redistributionist in light of her explaining the law surrounding the forced ownerships/partnership of blacks into SA business.

    She handled herself quite well. The others looked foolish in their attempts to lesson the characterization of Mandela being a communist by Mercer.

  2. I wonder how the smug City College professor would feel about being forced to share his job and split his compensation with someone completely ignorant of his field of study? It frightens me to think this guy is educating people. I sure hope this college has more rational thinking people than this hack to offset the damage he probably does daily.

    1. "I sure hope this college has more rational thinking people than this hack ". . . Good luck with that. Our colleges and universities are swarming with Marxists and progressive do gooders.

  3. The host of this show is an insufferable twit. Well done, Ms. Mercer.

  4. Those two (or maybe 3) dopes didn't know what hit them. ( A rabid, hardcore, plumb line libertarian!)

  5. She makes some valid points about what happened in post apartheid south africa, but she elects to forget that it wasn't the west who pushed for elimination of apartheid in south africa and for the inclusion of the multitude of blacks in all aspects of south african society it was primarily due to china and even more importantly cuba who pushed for his liberation during the peace negotiations in relation to Angola who catalysed the process that led to the elimination of apartheid. As for the idea of constructive engagement, she must be smoking crack. In no way were Reagan or Thatcher interested in finding a resolution that led to an equal place in society for all parties irrespective of racial and cultural background in south africa. They were only interested in maintaining whites in power in south africa.