Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Uh Oh, Developing Trouble for Ron Paul Inc

Investigative reporter Lee Stranahan is on the case:


  1. "And a system where politicians & groups associated with the Tea Party and Liberty Movement are corrupt has a BIG problem."

    The Tea Party was never going to be some saintly exception, as most of it was statist all along. And the "liberty movement" is a sham in so far as it is tied with politics. How many of them support Rand Paul? I rest my case.
    Politics in general will cause corruption, whether one promotes himself as socialist or as part of a "liberty movement". Some people never seem to get this, because they keep believing that it is possible to "infiltrate the mob to turn it into the salvation army from within."
    The more popular or "trendy" libertarianism gets as it continues to be tied to politics, the more con artists are looking to infiltrate it either for easy cash or influence, or for the purpose of co-opting it and turning libertarianism into a phrase that represents what is supposed to be represented by small government conservatism. Even though they ARE NOT THE SAME.

    Support ideas. Not people.

  2. My favorite: "The corruption on the right is directly related to the downward spiral towards statism. There are few good guys." How true.

    It's by the way that I had brunch and saw a movie with a conservative on Sunday. He told me while waiting for the film to begin that he was "fine" with corruption provided that it served a greater good, e.g. economic development. (Yes, he really is that naive, as you might expect a computer tech to be.) Fyi, we saw The Hobbitt: The Desolation of Smaug. Good grief, it was magical thinking on steroids with frenetic action and razzle dazzle galore. Well, he offered, and he paid.

    1. And of course he gets to determine through subjective opinion what is for the "greater good", completely ignoring the fact that EVERYONE, including his ideological opponents, through subjective opinion want to determine what is for the "greater good".
      That's the problem and the hypocrisy of utilitarians. They completely destroy the entire foundation their ideological positions are built on, because it is all just about how they "feel" about something.