Saturday, December 7, 2013

VIDEO: Nelson Mandela Sings "Kill the Whites"

Note: MK in the video is a reference to Umkhonto we Sizwe, it was formed by ANC leaders and was its armed wing. Mandela was secretly appointed its commander in chief---which the ANC has now come pretty close to publicly verifying.

MK carried out terror attacks at shopping centers, movie theaters and other civilian targets, not just “establishment” ones like courts and banks.


  1. There is an important difference between the translation for "ama-bulu" on the video and the use of it in SA.

    Ama-bulu is a direct reference to Afrikaners, Dutch farmers(all of who would have been white), that were directly responsible for stealing land from the native blacks. So it really isn't "whites" per se on the translation.

    I am not cheerleading in any way, shape for form for Mandela. I'm just pointing it out in the context that if you consider the initial act of aggression to be the forced movement of native blacks off their land by Dutch farmers, you might technically have a case for blacks taking it back by force without even violating the NAP.

    Anyway, communism is horrible and Mandela is no saint, I just wanted to add the above for context.

    1. (1) I could not see Mandela's lips moving during the signing, but they clearly do at 1:20 in response to the proclamation of a male. Neither what the male voice said nor the response to it was translated, although its quite clear that Mandela's own response was enthusiastic, as the movement of his fist suggests. It would help to have these statements translated.

      (2) We need a better translation of "ama-bhulu" that carefully distinguishes the meanings of the term from references to particular persons. For example, the word criminal can mean a person who does bad things or a person who violates the decrees of a government. On the other hand, 'Nelson Mandela, criminal', is a reference to a particular person who did bad things and who violated the decrees of a government. Of course, the latter, violating decrees of a government, is not necessarily bad.

  2. and the oligarchs/banksters will be singing kill the people's wealth?

    Why the Fed and the US Government Confiscated Gold in 1933

    And while I do not expect a 'hard confiscation' of gold and silver, given the likelihood of credible resistance at least in the States, I do think that expecting a 'bail-in' to occur, even from so-called allocated assets in storage in a few countries in the Banks' sphere of influence, from the US and the UK to their former colonies and client states, to be increasingly possible.

    If this is correct, then the public of America and the UK, not to mention Europe and Japan, may be in for what is colloquially referred to as 'a royal screwing.' That is so dark that it seems to be almost impossible, inhuman. It would be taking money from innocent people, especially the poor and the weak, to bailout the Banks and the thoroughly corrupt monied interests. But based on what we have seen, it is certainly not out of the question.

  3. do you expect him to feel about white people after living under apartheid? One would expect members of the "liberty movement" to relate. How many times have you heard Ron Paul supporters threaten to take up arms against the federal govt? Who are they going to kill when they water the tree of liberty the blood of tyrants?

    1. That may apply to some libertarians, but not here at EPJ. RW regularly argues against violence and so, if anyone, he has a right to call out Mandela on violence.

      Also, MSM is out with a constant drum beat that Mandela was a man of peace. Thus, it is important to know if he was singing "Kill the whites."

  4. So... if it is about killing whites... why are there white people singing along??