Monday, December 9, 2013

Walter Williams: Obama is a Puppet of George Soros

Economist Walter Williams said in a TV interview this weekend about President Obama:
He’s beyond learning. He has another agenda and, firstly, I don’t think Obama is his own man. He is a puppet of George Soros.
Williams said it is unfortunate that America’s 1st  black President is “incompetent.”

Williams went on:
Back in 1947 when Jackie Robinson came into the Major Leagues … he had to be good. Blacks could not afford an incompetent baseball player.

And as a result of Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, went out and played baseball, and basketball well, and nobody watching could say, ‘Well damn, those blacks can’t play baseball or basketball.”

Right now we can afford, black people can afford incompetent baseball players or basketball players or football players but they cannot afford an incompetent president. And it turns out that Mr. Obama is an incompetent president and a part of the tragedy of it.

This is the first time in our history that a person could have been elected to the highest office in the land who had long-time associations with people who hate our country such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who said, well black people should not sing God Bless America but … Damn America.

He was a long-time associate with Willie Ayers, who bombed the building along with his wife and other shady characters and so this says something about the American people who would elect a person to office like that.

But maybe a whole lot of whites, maybe they had some of their guilt taken care of by saying, well gee, I voted for a black person.


  1. Obama is far from being the only controlled incompetent American president. Four obvious recent examples come to mind. The first is Woodrow, who allowed the creation of the Fed and publicly denounced it years later and got America in the world war after campaigning on a platform of peace. The second is Kennedy, who didn't notice the power of the men behind the curtains, got tricked by them, revolted and got neutralized. The third is of course that incompetent Nixon who was utterly outplayed during the Watergate. The fourth one is definitely Bush, a feeble minded prince of one of the most powerful clans in America (the BBH nexus) who was groomed since the start by the best but they couldn't make him do anything useful so they turned him into a puppet.

    Obama is a loner who lacked parental attention in his childhood, who doesn't know whether he's a Hussein or a Dunham and had to create a false self. He was abandoned by his biological father (Hussein), his mom (Dunham), his second father (Soetero) and raised by his grand-parents who didn't manage to connect with him and anchor his identity somewhere. He's a classic lost nerd with ego issues and comforting dreams of grandeur. As such, he's just horrible at politics and doing anything that requires actual contact with others. Bill Clinton, a better sociopath than most politicians, nailed it : Obama's an "amateur" and gets easily sidetracked by whatever gets on his way/in his mind. Just look at him storming out of a military meeting crying about a rebellion or at how absent he was from the hit on OBL. The CIA had to force that on him and they didn't even bother keeping him up to date with that operation. Obama was invited back to that operation only at the end.

    He's a failure and a puppet, but he certainly isn't the most incompetent president in recent American history. Choosing to focus on an affirmative action perspective is an extremely narrow and self-limiting approach.

    1. I defy anybody to name one president in the past 100 years that wasn't a puppet.

    2. Agreed. Beyond that, look at the CIA ties between Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and now Obama- all come from families with close CIA ties.

    3. Ron Paul.
      He's my president and I could care less whom roughly only 30% of the American population elect.
      And Judge Napolotano is his VP.

    4. One factual error: OBL died nonviolently of kidney failure in December 2001.

    5. "One factual error: OBL died nonviolently of kidney failure in December 2001."

      This. Everything Obama claims to have done is a lie, including assassinating OBL.