Monday, December 2, 2013

What's the Next Sleeper Crypto-Currency That Will Take Off?

I consider Trace Mayer one of the top crypto-currency experts in the world.

I recall having breakfast with him in San Francisco at Max's Opera Plaza restaurant, when Bitcoin was trading for around 50 cents.

He told me that he had bought in at 25 cents and under. He was very bullish on Bitcoin that morning. Boy was he ever right.

Earlier this year when Litecoin was trading under $2.00, he told me he liked its prospects. It is now trading around $50.00

The crypto-currency world is really the wild west of investing, but the spike isn't over, especially with Ben Bernanke printing money as aggressively as he is. Which is why I am excited about an email I received from Trace last week. In the email, he reported on a "sleeper" crypto-currency that  has huge upside potential. I  reported on this e-currency to my EPJ Daily Alert readers in Friday's ALERT.

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1 comment:

  1. "The crypto-currency world is really the wild west of investing[...]"

    I understand why you would primarily assess Bitcoin as a potential investment, and your insights regarding the likely near-term price action in the various crypto-currencies are well-taken, but I'm worried that focusing on price movements and technical analysis misses the larger point.

    In 1999, James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg published a book called "The Sovereign Individual," in which--among other things--they predicted the rise of crypto-currencies. The *really* interesting thing (as if non-technical people making this prediction in the '90s isn't interesting enough) is that they made this prediction as part of a larger framework, where they see a fundamental long-term shift occurring in the overall cost/benefit structure of state aggression. They think that the rise of telecommunication, microprocessing, and encryption spells doom for the modern welfare-warfare mega-state, as it will empower the individual to the point of true sovereignty (as opposed to mere citizenship). They even cite Murray Rothbard in places, although they are skeptical of anarcho-capitalism as such.

    Maybe you could track one of those guys down and have them on your show? They're clearly playing the long game.