Monday, January 20, 2014

A Plan to Meltdown NSA "Fusion Center" Servers

Dale Fitzgerald emails:
I don't think I've ever asked you to support an activist organization, but #NullifyNSA is seeking an injunction from the Utah state government to cut off the water supply (1.7M gal/day) to the new NSA "Fusion Center" in Utah. The state government has already taken a hard line on spying and the fourth amendment so it might even work! Without water the servers will melt down.

It might be pointless, but worth a shot, if only to expose the issue to more citizens.
Sounds like fun. In the end it won't work, but could give the NSA something to worry about and waste resources on.


  1. I grew up in Utah. No one loves the state more than the Mormons. Dubya's support among Mormons was higher than just about any other demographic group. No way Utah will get in the way of the NSA. They love, love, love big brother. Now, granted, non-Mormons live there too. However, the Mormon state-worshiping attitude will be too much to overcome. Note: I'm a Mormon.

  2. There is no chance this project will succeed, even if every person in Utah supported it. The Big Boys will be threatened, bribed or blackmailed to make sure it is stopped. The NSA has all their data- all those closeted gay Mormons in the government would be exposed by NBC in a heartbeat.

    But it's fun to expose the evil at the heart of the NSA and government in general!

  3. If there is a God, this monstrosity will be bulldozed to the ground.

    [Think of the creative destruction! The Keynesians will be wetting their collective pants...]