Sunday, January 12, 2014

Al-Qaida is Nowhere – But Everywhere.

By Eric Margolis

How did al-Qaida, a tiny anti-Communist group in Afghanistan that had no more than 200 active members in 2001 become a supposed worldwide threat?

How can al-Qaida be all over the Mideast, North Africa, and now much of black Africa?  This after the US spent over $1 trillion trying to stamp out al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The answer is simple.  As an organization and threat, al-Qaida barely exists.  But as a name, al-Qaida and “terrorism” have become the west’s handy universal term for armed groups fighting western influence, corruption or repression in Asia and Africa.  Al-Qaida is nowhere – but everywhere.

If you’re a rebel group seeking publicity, the fastest way is by pledging allegiance to the shadowy, nowhere al-Qaida.

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  1. BBC The Power of Nightmares:

    Maybe those BBC kooks were on to something ... a long long time ago