Friday, January 31, 2014

Anheuser-Busch to Salute Government Trained Killers in Super Bowl Ad

The Houston Chronicle reports:
Lt. Chuck Nadd knew something was up when Anheuser-Busch's private jet flew him from Fort Drum in New York to his hometown in central Florida within hours of his return from a tour in Afghanistan in early January.

The 24-year-old Army helicopter pilot and operations officer had been told he was on a public affairs assignment to give a speech to a Veterans of Foreign Wars group in his hometown. But when he got to downtown Winter Park, hundreds of residents, relatives, teachers and friends greeted him with a surprise parade complete with tickertape and Anheuser-Busch's Clydesdale horses.

The brewer, which played a central role in putting the parade together, has fashioned an ad around the event. It will run during Sunday's Super Bowl, and Nadd says he hopes it gets people talking about honoring returning soldiers.

"I hope the visibility it gets starts a conversation about recognizing those who have served and served in a greater capacity than I have," Nadd said Thursday. "I would hope this commercial helps people look for those heroes in their communities."[...]

In Winter Park, a well-heeled city of 30,000 known for its boutique shops and high-end restaurants along tony Park Avenue, city officials were contacted by the local film commission with a question: Could they put together a parade in two weeks? They were told the parade was for a local soldier and sponsored by Anheuser-Busch, working with the Defense Department.
Here's some of the work of  "those who have served":


  1. Hey Lt. Nadd...................before and after your little parade, TSA Federalies were feeling your mother and friends up.
    Good job.............................NOT.
    From the article---------------
    "Nadd's involvement in the ad started when his girlfriend, Shannon Cantwell, nominated him for a VFW contest to honor a soldier with a tickertape parade in the soldier's hometown.

    Shortly before Christmas she found out Nadd, a 2011 West Point graduate, had been chosen. Cantwell made arrangements for his mother to come in from Alabama where she now lives and for friends to fly in from around the nation."
    If you're fighting for your mother's freedom,you lost.

  2. So sick of this:
    "[I hope it] starts a conversation about recognizing those who have served..."

    We need to get the word out, do we? What do you think the percentage is of people who "recognize" those who have served? 75%? 85%?

    The DECADES of Super Bowl / World Series fly-overs, the military in every local parade, and the permanent sections of newspapers and weekly tv news pieces hasn't worked yet?

    How about the free meals, X% discounts at major retailers and 100's of national and local 'Support the Troops' funds? Do they count towards any kind of recognition? Do we need more?

    I know I have little backbone, but I rarely voice my opinion on the matter when around people I don't know because I am afraid of having someone verbally accost me (let alone physically...)

  3. Maybe this is the NFL's way of getting rid of the psychotic military patriotism. By over doing it with over the top BS about the military. Run this thing into the ground tactic.

  4. These people are willing to sacrifice their LIVES to protect you. Your headline is shameful.

    1. Sadly, they sacrifice their lives for nothing. If you believe this "protects us" you need to go sit in a corner and really think about why they encrypt this stuff.

      They do not want you to know they are committing war crimes and shooting children. This is not war, it is murder, and it is not the soldier's fault. They are simply doing what they have been trained (read brainwashed) to do.

      It also explains why so many servicemen commit suicide and have mental issues. What they have been forced to do conflicts with what they know is right. The headline is not shameful, it is simply the truth. The truth is hard.

      What these honorable young men have been forced to do is what is shameful, and will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

      [I am one of those men...]

    2. LOL! Great. Tell me now (assuming your post isn't just playful sarcasm), how are they "protecting us"? By invading third world toilets that couldn't possibly harm us? Please! They're engaged in imperialism for corporations and the politicians in The Imperial City.

      You know what also sucks? These suckers are putting their own health and lives on the line for those bastards. They are actually letting themselves be used as cannon fodder!

    3. Those "Third World Toilets" bred the scumbags who killed 3,000 Americans at the WTC and the Pentagon They bred the Boston Marathon bombers. They killed the innocents in Paris and in London. (Oh,'re undoubtedly a 911 "Ron Paul" Truther, too, I'm sure.)

      My father dropped bombs on Germans; I'm sure he killed hundred -- if not thousands -- of innocent women and children.

      Tell the bloody Hajis for whom you seem to have so much sympathy to stop sheltering Al Qaeda and they won't get killled.

      And as "one of those men", exactly where were you deployed that you are so miserably disrespectful of your brothers?

    4. Ahhh, the sheeple speak. Let's examine 9/11, shall we. Let's first assume that the CIA, the Mossad nor the Saudi intelligence service was involved and it really was a terrorist attack. Most of the "terrorists" were Saudi citizens. Did we attack Saudi Arabia? Of course not, we attacked Afghanistan despite the fact their government had offered up Osama Bin Laden (a monster our CIA helped create by the way).
      If America would actually follow the advice of its founders and not be involved in foreign entanglements, and instead be involved in peaceful trade, perhaps the rest of the world would dislike us so much.
      As for the people in our armed forces "protecting our freedoms". Some of them probably do believe that, some are undoubtedly psychopaths. Sadly they are misguided. Have our freedoms increased or decreased since the US began it's empire building with the overthrow of the kingdom of Hawai'i? Are we more or less free since 9/11? How many non-FBI instigated attacks on the US has the government stopped, not private citizens?
      As far as my brothers, sorry. Anyone in service to evil is not my brother.
      You really should read something than government approved history, perhaps you'd learn something. I doubt it though.
      There are 3 types of people. Those that know, those that don't know and the worst, those that don't want to know. Have fun in the FEMA camp sport!

  5. Anon 4:10
    Clearly you are not prepared to have this conversation. You are like an angry child filled with vindictiveness and hatred - lashing out at anything that threatens your view of the world.

    I am not disrespectful of my brothers, but of the criminals who sent them on this fools errand. There is no honor in shooting children or unarmed men whose only crime may have been to try and aid someone who was injured.

    If you have not experienced looking down a weapon site and ending a life, or carrying 150+ pounds of raw meat off a battle field that was a guy you had breakfast with, or medivac-ing a small child, that had the flesh torn from his arms and legs leaving only the glistening white bones and tendons, knowing he would die before he received aid. Then it might be best for you rethink your argument and not be "so miserably disrespectful" to those of us who have...

    1. You're a scumbag. MOS/rate, rank, unit, and years served?


  6. So glad to see the Nadd family supporting the interests of big corporate America.


    Ooooops, damn...