Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chinese Consulate in San Francisco Hit By Arson Fire

The San Francisco Examiner reports:

[A] fire at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco was ignited at the front of the building, leading to an arson investigation and calls from the Chinese government for better protection of diplomats in the U.S.

No one was hurt in the Wednesday night blaze that charred the building's doorway, damaged the lobby and burned upward toward the roof[...]

Consulate workers say surveillance footage showed a person coming out of a van parked outside the compound with two buckets, pouring the contents on the front of the building and setting it on fire. The consulate has a surveillance camera outside the building located in San Francisco's Western Addition district.

"We strongly condemn this despicable act and have already made representations with the U.S. on the attack," said Wang Chuan, a spokesman for the Chinese consulate in San Francisco. "And we hope that the U.S. takes all necessary measures to provide adequate protection to the consular personnel and properties and bring the culprits to justice as soon as possible."

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  1. Besides the obvious jabs that should be taken at the Enessay, this is freakin' weird. Maybe done by a P.O.'d Chinese-descended 'Mericun?